Former Drug Dealer, Addict, Testifies of God's Grace

No money. No friends. No home. No hope. Barry Washington had lost everything. Twenty years of drugs, alcohol, crime and violence had left his life as empty as the abandoned shack where he slept.

He was constantly hungry. he was constantly high. One day walking on the streets of Philadelphia, he even contemplated suicide.

In his sorrow and shame, Washington could barely see two men who were cleaning outside a house. Washington approached them and asked for money.

The men, two Nigerian Christians, gave him money and something more – hope for a clean life. The men saw something beneath Washington’s disheveled, dirty, drug-scarred exterior. They saw a man whom God could save.

More than five years later, Washington, who obtained his A. A. degree from Boyce College on May 19th, now sees it too. God has transformed a drug dealer with an eight-grade education into a sinner saved by grace.